Innovative Ways To Showcase Your Stickers

Innovative Ways To Showcase Your Stickers

Do you love collecting stickers but end up keeping them all in a box? Sometimes this comes from the fear of never being able to use the sticker again but most of the time it's because we can't think of a worthy way to use it. 

Maybe your water bottle and laptop are already full of stickers and you need some fresh canvas ideas! Here are our favorite and creative sticker uses.

Salty & Lit Sticker in a Record Player


  • Journal or Notebook
  • Snail Mail (Who doesn't love to get a sticker in the mail?)
  • Add them to a scrapbook
  • Make magnets! Stick them to a magnet sheet and reuse them again and again on your fridge or magnet board.
  • Clipboard
  • Planner
  • Pencil Case

    Endangered Animals Sticker Sheet on a Journal


    • Picture Frame

    • Mirror

    • Plastic Storage Container

    • Coffee Table

    • Bookshelf

    • Reusable Coffee Mug

    • Toolbox

    Kind Badger Sticker on a mug


    • Wallet

    • Passport cover

    • Suitcase/luggage

    • Guitar/Guitar case (or any other instrument case)

    • Anywhere on your car

    Mini Hang Loose Sticker on a Ukulele

    Technology (other than your laptop)

    • Camera (or Camera Case)

    • Phone (or phone case)

    • On one side of your trackpad on your laptop

    • Speaker

    • Record Player

      Salty & Lit Sticker in a Record Player


      • Helmet

      • Surfboard, Snowboard or Skis

      • Bike, Motorcycle, Skateboard or Longboard

      What are your favorite ways to use stickers? What ideas are we missing?

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